Publication Date: Coming 2016

Publisher: Grumpy Monks

There were at least 23 senior football clubs in the nineteenth century. These included Carlton, Collingwood, Essendon, Geelong and Melbourne, which remain important clubs in today's national game. There were others however, such as East Melbourne, Carlton Imperial, Barwon and South Williamstown that lasted only for short periods. All of these clubs represented local constituencies and were often the lifeblood of community identity and solidarity.

This volume lists all the players - around 6,000 - who represented these clubs; the captains and vice captains; the goal kickers; and complete lists of head to head results between clubs, and total number of players' games recorded between 1889-1896.

Some players rose above all others and these champions were idolised by crowds in exactly the same way as today's players. Players like Jack Baker, H.C.A. Harrison, Peter Burns, Billy Hannaysee and Albert Thurgood thrilled crowds with their daring, skill and spectacular play. They were the greatest players of the century and a section in this volume is dedicated to their feats. This volume also includes inter-colonial statistics as well as general records and an index to all volumes.